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How the Dessert sharing Journey started 


How it started 

Everyone's journey has a link with someone called friends so does mine. It was my first year at my college retreating from my home town with lot of expectations. Sweets are always part of my food routine and I missed  them a lot. Every-time I travel back from my home, I used to bring homemade sweets made from pure ghee, dry-fruits (Putharekulu). I am a sharing person, so "Joey doesn't share food" isn't part of my speech. I used to distribute my homemade snacks, sweets with almost every friend I have. I always hear someone saying that they have'nt tasted anything like that before. There comes a sweet thought of starting something that gives them a chance to taste the best of indian homemade sweets from famous places of India. Years passed so does the idea of sharing sweetness. So we started working on mittai.shop to provide people with the best of indian homemade sweets. By the End of 2021 we launched our first product 'Putharekulu' from our brand.

The mouth watering sweets or foods in India always have its roots from its villages. So we started from a small village named Atreyapuram located in one of the partition lands created by the river Godavari famously known as Konaseema in Andhra Pradesh.  The village is famous for making a super delicious, dry fruit rich sweet recipe known as Putharekulu famously called Atreyapuram Putharekulu. Puhtarekulu is being part of Atreyapuram village for more than 150 years. Only the people of Atreyapuram know the pure taste of Putharekulu since the ones sold in nearby cities or states for commercial purpose lack the true taste and quality.  

We chose Putharekulu as our first sweet to serve everyone. Every sweet you order in mittai.shop will be processed and redirected to homemakers of Atreyapuram who are always women,  Every one who are involved in the manufacturing are mothers, so they always ensure to keep high quality, health in mind during manufacturing. 

What we deliver

In mittai.shop we are pledged to delivery you with pure homemade sweets without any added preservatives. Every sweets we delivery will be made by people where the sweets are well known or where the sweets have a history. We take health as our motive and we only ensure to delivery foods/sweets that are nutrient rich and have a lot of health benefits. We majorly focus on delivering sweets which are healthy and immunity boosting. Our highly delivered products are made from dry fruit mix of Kaju, Almond, Pista etc. 

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Our first product - 'Atreyapuram Putharekulu'


Mohit Chandra

Never tasted anything like this before. Loved the dry fruit delight.



So delicious, completely satisified. Best paper sweets I had till date.



They are so tasty, Thank u you mittai for delivering tasty putharekulu with good packaging.